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E.A.R.L. Château Pichon Bellevue

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A pleasant walk in a vineyard
Elena Binas 12/09/2022
Than was good, our guide was very nice trying to teach us all the peculiarities of vines growing. We walked trough the fields of the estate and she showed to us different types of vines, we tried grapes and talked about the farm works in a vineyard. After the walk, we had some vine tasting. In fact we expected a bit more sports, as it is called hiking. But otherwise it was very good. There was a chance to try grapes of semillon and sovinion, merlot and caberne franc and find difference in their taste.

Réponse de Laurent RECLUS

Dear Elena, thank you for sharing your review ! We are very glad to know that you enjoyed your experience at Château Pichon Bellevue ! Best regards.