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Aquitaine Limousine S.A.S.

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Aquitaine Limousine a une charte RSE. L'entreprise forme ses conducteurs à l'éco-conduite et utilise des véhicules électriques.

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Mediocre Experience for the price
Wendy Whitener 11/08/2022
We booked this tour to experience 3 St Emilion chateaus. One we requested and 2 that were recommended/booked by the tour operator. The one we picked (Pressac) we loved. One was just ok and the other was absolutely terrible. None of the tastings or lunch is included (which we knew) but wanted to add in case that was not clear. The good: Beautiful SUV--very clean and lovely to be transported in. The guide was very nice but also very new and had never been to any of the chateaus. Chateau Pressac (we requested this visit) was just as we had remembered--fabulous. Also, We really loved the lunch stop at the convent. The ok: Château Franc Mayne was ok to visit. Lots of caves which is common in the region. Didn't care for the wine. The bad: Château Rozier, which was described to us as a very beautiful property with beautiful wines. I completely disagree. The property is a warehouse without air conditioning. The guide spoke almost no English and knew very little about the wine. After realizing that the tour was going to be very difficult, we went to the tasting in a very odd location--the living room--complete with old, broken furniture and bad smells. The wine was terrible. Also served in wrong order (years). Tried and spit--something I never do. I still am in disbelief of this experience. So overall, considering the cost, I would not recommend this tour. Book with someone else that can provide good recommendations as that is part of what you are paying for and not just a car and driver.

Réponse de Hugo Caquelot

Dear Wendy, Thank you for the time you spent to write this review, it is always interesting for us to know about the feelings of our guests. I totally agree with you concerning Château de Pressac, it is a fantastic chateau, and we take our guests very often there. The owner, who I personally know, is making wines that are getting better each year, and his Grand Cru Classé should raise in the Saint-Emilion classification that will be soon published. Concerning Château Franc-Mayne, we chose this chateau to show you the underground galleries. Even if these galleries are quite common in the region, it is not that easy to visit them, and only a very few chateaux are proposing such visits. It looks like you didn't appreciate their wine, this is not unbelievable not to love each of the Saint-Emilion wines. There are more than 850 of them, made by different persons, with different technics, from vines planted on very different plots, so you get different wines, and appreciate all of them the same would be quite difficult to believe. The last chateau was Château Rozier, and it has been a bad experience. Let me tell you it has been a bad experience for our guide too. It is not a Château we have the habit to work with, and it has been added to your program because you requested a "small" chateau, with very reasonable prices for their wines, which is the case. Served in good conditions, in the proper order the wines of this family are interesting and show a good complexity. But the chateau is not at all organized to receive visitors other than professionals, and we will not again take our guests to this chateau. Margaux our guide, was terribly sorry for this bad visit and presented you our excuses for this, right after the visit. Talking about Margaux, your guide for the day, she is not new in the job, and knows quite a lot about Saint-Emilion wines, but she was previously working in other chateaux and in the Bordeaux wine museum. And, with more than 850 chateaux around Saint-Emilion, you don't go that often to the same chateaux.