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Bordeaux: The ultimate guide of things to do

Buckle up for a Bordeaux bonanza where the vino is as plentiful as the water in the Garonne, and every nook and cranny tell tales from a bygone era. This city isn't just a spot on the map; it's a grand parade of French elegance that will have you swooning 'Oh là là' at every cobblestone and canelé. Are you geared up to hop into a tale where every street corner has its saga, and each glass of wine is a storybook? Clutch your Bordeaux City Pass tight—it's your sprinkling of fairy dust on what's about to be a fabulous French escapade!

The Bordeaux City Pass: Your Golden Ticket to the Fiesta


Imagine the Bordeaux City Pass as your secret key to the VIP lounge in the grand concert of Bordeaux. Want a museum day? It's got you covered. Public transport? As easy as pie. Exclusive tours? Say no more. This little marvel is the smooth operator that will have your journey gliding along like the finest vintage Merlot. Culture, history, and a dash of mystery—all in your pocket.

Bordeaux City Pass


The 'Must-Do' Extravaganza


1. La Cité du Vin: The Kingdom of Wine


La Cité du Vin is the wonderland for wine enthusiasts, where the queues are short, and the pours generous. A marvel of architecture, this place is a journey through the epochs of wine—no time machine needed. Dive in for an interactive voyage; sniff, swish, and savor the cosmos of wine and trot out just a tad more enlightened and significantly more cheered.


Cité du Vin
© DL Drone


2. Bassins des Lumières: Art and Innovation


Waltz into the Bassins des Lumières and witness a digital art symphony that's tossed the conventional out of the submarine bay doors. Here, art dares to be audacious, and technology waltzes to the beat, conjuring a spectacle that'll steal your breath and earn those double taps on your feed.


Bassins des Lumières
© Bassins des Lumières


3. The Museums of Bordeaux


The museums of Bordeaux are your personal time portals, loaded with more masterpieces and relics than a pirate's hoard:

CAPC: Where contemporary art struts its stuff, and every piece is a conversation starter.
Musée des Beaux-Arts (MusBa): A treasure trove of art through the ages, as timeless as it is magnificent.
Musée d'Aquitaine: Where Bordeaux's past unfurls from the Stone Age to the selfie age.
MECA: A cultural powerhouse pulsing with the creations of local legends and global gurus.


Musée d'Aquitaine
© L. Gauthier


4. Porte Cailhau: A Portal to Ye Good Olde Times


Porte Cailhau stands as a storybook gateway, where medieval vibes meet selfie dreams. Scale its heights for a rendezvous with stunning vistas that'll have you penning poetry.


Porte Cailhau
© Nicolas Duffaure


5. Tour Pey Berland: The Heavenly Climb


Shoulder to shoulder with the Saint-André Cathedral, Tour Pey Berland plays the role of the Gothic skyscraper, offering a climb that's a workout with a prize—postcard-worthy snapshots of Bordeaux.


Pey Berland Tower
© rh2010 - Adobe Stock


6. Guided Tours: The Gossip and Glory


Snag a local guide to be your sherpa through Bordeaux's bustling streets. They hold the map to the city's soul and a treasure trove of anecdotes that'll animate the stones and statues before your eyes.


Guided Tours
© Vincent Bengold

Beyond the Bustle: Vines and Dreams


Vineyard Excursions: The Grapey Grin


An escapade to Bordeaux without a vineyard venture? Unthinkable! Embrace the grape in half-day dalliances that are like speed dating in the vine rows—tease your palate with a few varietals and find your vineyard soulmate.


Guided tour vineyards
© Tim Bsn

St-Emilion: A Fairytale in Stone and Wine


St-Emilion is an enchanting blend of cobblestones and fine Merlot, offering a narrative you'll wish to replay over and over. Full day or half, each moment is a keepsake from Bordeaux's wine heartland.


© Sébastien Duvergé - Adobe Stock

Bordeaux is a feast of joy, zest, and sights that drop jaws, tickling the fancy of history buffs, art lovers, and wine connoisseurs alike. With the Bordeaux City Pass as your loyal escort, unravel the city's jewels like an epic saga, each episode more bewitching than the last. Are you ready for the party? Bordeaux is dressed to the nines and ready to sweep you off your feet!


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