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Wine cab

Producer of tourist and unusual activities in Bordeaux, in the vineyards and on the Arcachon basin.

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Unbelievably boring
Wendy Jane Jones 03/02/2024
I purchased a 2-hour tour to "discover the historic city centre". I understand this to mean a walk from one sight to the next with an explanation of each. After more than 1 1/2 hours, we had progressed as far as the Place de la Bourse, which is not even a quarter of the distance, due purely to the fact that the guide went on interminably about uninteresting aspects or topics totally unrelated to the "historic city centre".. By all means point out the architectural differences between the balcony design on 17th century buildings compared to 18th century buildings, but don't spend ages on the subject! By all means point out that the trams are powered from below, so no overhead lines, but don't go on and on about it while everybody stands around on the street doing nothing! And, above all, don't spend nearly half an hour on the banks of the Garonne with the map unfolded pointing out other sights on the other side of the river that people might be interested in - that is the job of the agents at the tourist office. At this point, I was so fed up, I left the tour and did the rest of the sights on my own. I have no idea how far the other guests got, because there is no way they could have seen the remaining sights in the space of the remaining 20 minutes or so. I was very tempted to ask for my money back. So disappointing.
Eugénia Luís 02/29/2024
I like everything, the Guide was Fantastic, she told us abaut the story , and the life of Bordeaux, i learn a lot with her. I recomend Tanks very much
Eva Francova 02/29/2024
Una buena alternativa
Alfonso Del Castillo 02/29/2024
Muy recomendable para aprovechar una estancia en Burdeos; me gustó mucho la ciudad y su gran y cómoda red de transporte público.
A Day to Remember!!
Rochelle Hicklin 02/27/2024
Guillaume provided top notch service! The car was amazing and made our drive through the countryside so special! This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Bordeaux! Highly recommend you add this to your itinerary!
Perfect Half Day Trip to St. Emilion
Alexandra Armacost 02/27/2024
My partner and I booked the half-day tour with Emmanuel, and it was well worth the cost and time. Emmanuel was an excellent and knowledgable guide. It was the perfect way to explore outside of Bordeaux, with great wine and history. I would recommend everyone to book this tour - far better than a huge bus full of people!