bordovino tasting class
bordovino tasting class
bordovino tasting class
bordovino tasting class
bordovino tasting class
bordovino tasting class

Tasting class - French wines

From 55€ / pers

Become a wine expert in 2 hours thanks to a casual tasting class! You are looking for a class to understand the complicated Bordeaux wines but also the French wines in general? You found it!

  • Tastings tips about Bordeaux wines
  • Blending session to create your own cuvée
  • Tour de France of wines ( Burgundy, Loire Valley, Rhone Valley, Bordeaux)
  • Aperitif with traditional French products

Participate to a Bordeaux wine tasting class, in English. Become a wine expert in 2 hours thanks to a casual wine tasting class!

You will enjoy a wine lesson…Welcoming glass of white wine, learn how to taste properly and you will never feel intimated again in a French restaurant!

Tour de France of wines: through a tasting of 4 wines from the 4 main wine regions of France:                           (Burgundy, Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Rhone Valley ).

Discover the wines from France, their diversity and the notions of « terroir » and « appellation ».

Blending workshop: Bordeaux wines are blends made up with various types of grapes (Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot…). Taste some grape variety separately and according to your own taste, create your very own cuvée! Become a a wine specialist thanks to our wine educator.

Savor a typical French aperitif with traditional French delicacies to pair with your wine tasting (fresh bread, sausage, cheese, dark chocolate…) and discover your wine tasting profile with your wine educator.

Good to know



What's included

7 wines tasting

Blending workshop

Aperitif platter (cheese, cured meat, dark chocolate, bread )

Not included

Pick & drop off at the hotel


Number of participants

No minimum places is required and we accept a maximum of 12 persons.

Good to know

This tasting class is open to adults only (from 18).

Meeting point

3 Rue d'Enghien, Bordeaux, France

They had this experience

Remi is a great teacher.
Alex Komies 10/14/2023
If you like wine, then a better understanding builds a better appreciation not only in nuanes but a better foundation. Remi is a great host and teacher and it was informative and fun to meet like-minded wine lovers. There is a lot of information on the web over wine that can be overwhelming and contradictive. But drinking wine, and talking and hear about other people experiences with a knowledgable guide who is open to questions that will certainly arise, makes it fun. Yes, I would recommend this class full-heartedly. Here is a 360 photo:
Do not hesitate to book this tasting. Best one in Bordeaux
Mark L 08/28/2023
I've had plenty of tastings around the city in my one week stay in Bordeaux and this is by far the best. This tasting is a crash course in wine tasting, french wine and a bit of wine history that's both entertaining and enlightening! The 2 hours or so of the class went by extremely fast with everyone learning and leaving with smiles. You'll get to 'blend' your own Bordeaux wine and play games as you go along the class. I would highly recommend this to anyone remotely interested in learning more about how to appreciate wines and French wines in general. Thank you for one of the highlights of my trip to Bordeaux!
Very enjoyable class
Ashita G 08/24/2023
We thoroughly enjoyed our wine tasting lesson last month. It was our visit trip to Bordeaux and we learned so much about the different wine producing regions of France (with a focus on reds). Isabella was a charming host, walking our small group through the tasting at an easy pace. The platter of small bites which functioned also as palate cleansers was very thoughtful. And as someone who loves a good visual aid, the handouts we got in the class to learn terminology and jot down notes was excellent. I still refer back to them now and then. Loved the little blind tasting at the end too! All in all, very good value and a truly enjoyable class.