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Bordovino À la Française

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They had this experience with Bordovino À la Française

Repetitive and overpriced
Patricia Tubb 11/13/2023
The tour felt rushed and repetitive. At the first winery no one could understand the woman giving the presentation from the winery. Her accent was very strong and I thought it was just me until after I spoke to other people and we agreed no one knew what she was saying. The wineries were okay, I expected a bit more of a chateau setting. Both wineries gave the same presentation on how the wine is made. I would have liked more time in St. Emilion. At the beginning of our tour a couple showed up eating so we had to wait for them to finish to start the drive. Maybe that’s what delayed us. We should have just gone without them. In the end not worth $99 Euro. I’d find another tour.
Poor Contact _ Great Tour
Leigh Neindorf 10/24/2023
Instructions to meeting guide was initially good when purchasing tour. However when following initial instructions of location and type of black van and name written on side of van it did not exist. The lady who then pointed to our meeting point was quite rude and nothing like what was described. Different location, Grey vac and nothing written on the side of the van. Once united with our guide all went smoothly and enjoyed the experience and the tour.
Remi is a great teacher.
Alex Komies 10/14/2023
If you like wine, then a better understanding builds a better appreciation not only in nuanes but a better foundation. Remi is a great host and teacher and it was informative and fun to meet like-minded wine lovers. There is a lot of information on the web over wine that can be overwhelming and contradictive. But drinking wine, and talking and hear about other people experiences with a knowledgable guide who is open to questions that will certainly arise, makes it fun. Yes, I would recommend this class full-heartedly. Here is a 360 photo:
Great experience - highly recommend!!!
Cindy Yu 10/06/2023
I went on this excursion with my boyfriend and another couple friend - and we can't say enough great things about it. The entire experience was amazing. This was my first time riding an e-bike and it didn't take much time to adjust. The guide was really easy going and knowledgeable about the region. Our group was not too big, I think 7 people in total, and it was perfect. Although the weather kept changing throughout the day, this didn't dampen our spirits at all. Riding through the vineyards in St. Emilion really is a perfect way to see the area and be fully integrated in the environment. Even if you're not a wine-lover, you'll appreciate the beauty and abundance around you. I couldn't stop smiling as we were riding - and I honestly wanted to keep going at the end. Highly recommend this experience if you're in the area. A dream come true.
Great afternoon
Myron Kramer 09/30/2023
This tour with Theo was excellent and a memory making part of our trip. The wineries selected were great, Theo was always helpful and entertaining, and the walk through Saint Emilion was wonderful. Highly recommend this trip to other visitors to the area.
Do not hesitate to book this tasting. Best one in Bordeaux
Mark L 08/28/2023
I've had plenty of tastings around the city in my one week stay in Bordeaux and this is by far the best. This tasting is a crash course in wine tasting, french wine and a bit of wine history that's both entertaining and enlightening! The 2 hours or so of the class went by extremely fast with everyone learning and leaving with smiles. You'll get to 'blend' your own Bordeaux wine and play games as you go along the class. I would highly recommend this to anyone remotely interested in learning more about how to appreciate wines and French wines in general. Thank you for one of the highlights of my trip to Bordeaux!