Wine cruises

Enjoy a pleasurable experience on the Garonne River, the Dordogne River and the Gironde Estuary. Explore the region by boat, taking in its famous riverside vineyards, UNESCO World Heritage sites- the Port of the Moon and the Fortifications of Vauban-, and the string of uninhabited islands along the largest estuary in Europe.
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Wine regions
  • Croisière Dégustation Cité du vin
    On the river
    Wine tasting cruise Cité du Vin
    from 21 € / pers.
    (11 reviews)
  • Croisière œnologique Médoc
    Wine cruise - Médoc
    from 52 € / pers.
    (1 reviews)
  • Cousin et Compagnie
    On the river
    Cruise along the wine
    from 49 € / pers.
  • Croisière œnologique Blaye - Bourg
    Wine Cruise Blaye-Bourg
    from 130 € / pers.
  • Croisière Margaux à vélo
    Bike ride at Margaux
    from 170 € / pers.
  • Apéro Bord'O
    On the river
    Boat cruise with aperitif & wine tasting
    from 28 € / pers.
    (8 reviews)