L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops
L'horizon de Khéops

Horizon of Khufu: An Immersive VR Expedition to Ancient Egypt

From 32€ / pers

Discover the pyramid of Khufu and travel 4500 years back in time to attend the funeral of King Khufu.The Eclipso centre takes you on a journey through space and time.The Eclipso centre is dedicated to immersive virtual reality expeditions.

  • Embark on a immersive journey to ancient Egypt with Horizon of Khufu.
  • Accompanied by your friends and family, you can break away from the traditional tour and discover areas previously closed to the public.
  • A slide into the territory of magic will take you back 4500 years.


The tour begins as day breaks over the necropolis of Giza, the famous Egyptian site that is home to the three great pyramids. In their shadows, the silhouettes of the mastabas can be seen; the tombs of those who were close to the deceased monarchs, their families. You're not alone when you explore these thousand-year-old lands. Accompanied by a virtual guide and other travellers who are as real as you are, you begin by treading the eternal sands of the Giza plateau on the scale of giants, to meet the Sphinx, before making your way to the foot of the pyramid of Khufu at nightfall for a VIP visit.


The "Horizon of Khufu" Immersive Expedition has been designed to be as accurate as possible. The experience is the result of several years of on-site research and data collection, in partnership with Peter Der Manuelian, Professor of Egyptology and his team at the Giza Project, Harvard University. We aim to ensure that all the information provided in the experiment is based on architectural, scientific and historical data.

"I look forward to being part of this unique project to make an important part of the Giza pyramid plateau accessible to all."

Peter Der ManuelianEgyptologist, Harvard University

Good to know


45 minutes

What's included

We have key lockers on site, available for our visitors.

Number of participants

Up to 90 participants per hour

Good to know


  • Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
  • Children under 8 years and 1.30m are not allowed to participate in the immersive experience.
  • People with heart problems or epilepsy are not allowed to take part in the immersive experience.
  • Each group is made up of 4 visitors, and several groups may take part in the experience at the same time.
  • The entrance for people with reduced mobility is at 56 rue Châteaud'Eau.
  • The experience lasts 1 hour and includes 45 minutes of virtual reality in free movement. 
  • For the last session of the day, please arrive no later than 15 minutes after your slot.

Meeting point

ECLIPSO Bordeaux - L'Horizon de Khéops, 19 Rue Saint-Sernin, Bordeaux, France

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