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The Best Bordeaux Wine Tours

Pop the cork on excitement with Bordeaux's ultimate wine adventure guide! This isn't just any trip; it's a deep dive into the heart of wine nirvana, where every taste tells the tale of its vine-draped landscapes. Journey from the grand vineyards of Médoc to the quaint, cobblestone charm of Saint-Emilion, with your wine glass as your compass, into a kingdom where wine is sovereign and you're the honored taster.

Quick Sips: Châteaux & Terroirs


Running against the clock but craving a culture hit? The "Châteaux & Terroirs" half-day jaunt is your fast track to wine enlightenment. For just €50, zip through Bordeaux's wine wonders, from the commanding châteaux of Médoc to the sweet sips of Sauternais. It's a snapshot tour of taste and tradition, with a peek at Saint-Emilion's underground church. Perfect for those looking for a quick taste without the time sink.


Guided tour Châteaux & Terroir
© Vincent Bengold


Intimate Tastings: Small Group Tours


Seeking a more personal Bordeaux experience? Small group tours are the hidden treasures of wine exploration—intimate, exclusive, and full of discoveries. Delve into the heart of areas like Saint Emilion and Médoc with half-day adventures that mix fine wines with captivating tales from the region. The "St Emilion day" excursion is especially memorable, blending château visits and a meal with underground exploration, all for €145. It's like being part of an elite wine club without the secret handshake.


Guided tour Saint-Émilion & Médoc
© Vincent Bengold


Grape Galore: Médoc & St Emilion in One Day


Why pick between the robust reds of Médoc and the sophisticated blends of Saint-Emilion when you can have both for €170? This day-long extravaganza takes you through the vine-covered landscapes, featuring visits to three wineries, historical tours, and a picnic more scenic than a postcard. It's the ultimate day out for wine lovers, proving that more is better sometimes.


Full day guided tour in the vineyard
© Mathieu Anglada


Saint-Emilion World Heritage Site - Full Day with Lunch


Embark on the "Saint-Emilion World Heritage Site - Full Day with Lunch" tour for €145 per person, an enchanting journey to the medieval town of Saint-Emilion, an hour from Bordeaux, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Starting at 9:15 am from the Bordeaux Tourist Office, the tour includes visits to Château Balestard La Tonnelle and Château Haut-Sarpe, featuring modern winemaking and traditional hospitality. Enjoy a buffet lunch with local delicacies, explore the underground wonders of Saint-Emilion, and stroll through its historic streets with a perfectly bilingual guide.


Lunch at the château
© Claude Clin


Pedal & Pleasure: The E-Bike Tour


For the eco-minded and the adventurous, Bordeaux's e-bike tours offer a fresh way to connect with the landscape. Starting at €165, pedal through breathtaking vistas, from vineyard views to historic sites, while enjoying the region's top wines. The "Saint-Emilion wine lovers e-bike tour" is a day of delight, combining exercise with exceptional wines and a gourmet picnic. It's sustainable, splendid, and thoroughly grape-filled.


Electric bicycle guided tour
© Claude Clin


Exclusive Vintages: Private Tours


For the ultimate in wine exploration, Bordeaux's private tours are like having a VIP pass to the vineyards. Whether cruising in a classic Citroen or zipping around in a sidecar, these tours offer a custom journey through wine paradise, with prices varying for the luxury of a personal guide. It's the perfect pick for those who prefer their wine with a side of exclusivity.


Vineyard tour in side-car
© Retro Tours


Green Vines: Sustainable Efforts


Bordeaux looks not only to the present but also to the future of its vineyards. With a commitment to sustainability, tours here minimize environmental impact, offering eco-conscious adventures that ensure wine continues to flow for generations to come. It's a salute to the future, one pedal and one sip at a time.


Sustainables guided tours
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Whether you're a wine lover or new to the nectar of the gods, Bordeaux's wine tours offer a spectrum of flavors, fun, and unforgettable moments. From pedal-powered journeys to luxurious private ventures through the vines, each experience is a piece of Bordeaux's love letter to wine lovers everywhere. Grab your glass and let Bordeaux fill it with stories of heritage, passion, and the esteemed elixir of life. Here's to Bordeaux, where there's truly a taste for every palate!


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