Façade château de Camensac
Chai château de Camensa
Parc château de Camensac
Façade château de Camensac
Chai château de Camensa
Parc château de Camensac

Classic Tour at château de Camensac

from 10€ / pers

Discover the essential visit of Château de Camensac: guided tour of the vineyards, cellars, and tasting of our iconic wines. Immerse yourself in the history and passion that make Camensac a reference in the Médoc region. An unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts.

  • Vineyards & Discovery Label
  • Classified Growth in 1855
  • View of the hillsides of Beychevelle
  • Free for under 18

The essential visit of Château de Camensac is an unforgettable experience that immerses you in the world of Bordeaux winemaking. During this immersive tour, you will discover the rich and captivating history of the château, explore the beautiful surrounding vineyards, and taste exceptional wines.

The visit begins with a warm welcome from the Château de Camensac team, who enthusiastically share their expertise and passion for wine. You will then be guided through the majestic alleys of the château, where every stone tells a century-old story.The first part of the tour takes you to the vineyards, where you will uncover the secrets of viticulture and the importance of terroir. You will learn how climate, soil, and other factors influence the unique character of Camensac wines. Surrounded by meticulously maintained rows of vines, you will be enchanted by delicate scents and picturesque landscapes.

Back at the château, you will be invited to delve into the historic cellars, where Camensac's precious nectars patiently age. You will discover the winemaking and aging techniques that give the wines their complexity and elegance. During a guided tasting, you will have the opportunity to savor a selection of wines representative of the estate, with each sip revealing the subtle aromas and delicate flavors that have made Camensac renowned.

To complete this sensory experience, you can stroll through the beautifully manicured gardens of the château, where the scents of flowers blend with the fresh air of the Bordeaux countryside. You can also admire the impressive architecture of the château and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding vineyards.

The essential visit of Château de Camensac is the perfect opportunity to discover the soul and winemaking tradition of this prestigious estate. Whether you are a passionate wine lover, a curious epicurean, or simply seeking a unique experience, this visit will transport you to a world where history, nature, and tasting come together to create unforgettable memories.

Come and experience the essence of the French art de vivre at Château de Camensac, where every visitor is welcomed as an honored guest and every sip of wine is a celebration of excellence and passion.

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Number of participants

Limited to 15 people.

Meeting point

Château de Camensac, Route de Saint-Julien, Saint-Laurent-Médoc, France

They had this experience

A nice stop in the Medoc
Toru Tanaka 09/28/2023
We enjoyed our visit. The host was quite engaging and welcoming. I would definitely recommend to friends. We could taste the 2015 premier and second wines, which are just coming into maturity. The Chateau does not have a luxurious "castle" look which might disappoint some guests.
Wonderful visit to Chateau Camensac!
Lisa 08/09/2023
Easy to book online, great value for money, knowledgeable, welcoming and friendly host. Looked after the kids too with strawberry juice! Wine was delicious and the Chateau was beautiful.
Enthusiastic telling and tasting at Ch. Camensac, Haut-Medoc
Robert 08/06/2023
Honest, directly, enthusiastic and good knowledge about Chateau Camensac and their wines - and combined with a good tasting as well.
Nice tour
Birgitte Malloy 07/17/2023
Very nice and informative tour. We were only the 2 of us on the tour so it was quite special.